About Us Founder of the German Bakery

Betty and Johannes Berie, German and bakers at heart, with master’s certificate in bakery, from one of the technical institutes of his country.

We came to Costa Rica in 1993, having been persuaded by all the favorable comments our friends had about this wonderful country. Little by little, Hans started a small business.

The first step was to construct our own baker’s oven – an old, tradicional German wood oven. Then we introduced more than 100 varieties of bread to the local dinner tables and foodservice businesses of this country. We specialize in many different black and whole wheat breads. One of the German Bakery’s important characteristics is that we grind our own grains and flour. This allows us to work with naturally fermented doughs, in the best of the old German tradition, and use freshly ground grain and flour in our recipes which are of longstanding traditionally German heritage.

Hope we see you soon Betty and Hans Berie

Wedding Cake from the German Bakery in Costa Rica